CareWorks Comp has a team of professional associates who can help you manage your workers’ compensation program.  One of the most important team members is your Claims Examiner.  Located in our Dublin, Ohio, office, our Claims Examiners are there to help our clients navigate the entire BWC claims process.  Consider your Claims Examiner as your day-to-day contact for claims management. Your claims examiner can answer questions such as:  Should you certify a claim?  What is the Additional Allowance that the injured worker is asking for?  What is the Industrial Commission Hearing about for an upcoming hearing?  How will a Lump Sum Settlement affect a claim and your EMR rating?  Should you request an Independent Medical Exam on a claim?  Your Claims Examiner can help you with every aspect of managing a claim. 

If you do not know who your Claims Examiner is call the CareWorks Comp office at (800)837-3200.