The OMC PAC is the Political Action Committee for the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants.  OMC was created years ago as a vehicle for Ohio retailers to contribute campaign dollars collectively as opposed to individually.  This gives the retail industry the opportunity to make larger, more impactful contributions to state legislators and other statewide candidates.

It is essential when working with elected officials that we show our support for those who support our issues.  Helping to elect and re-elect candidates who can be counted on for assistance is crucial to our success in state government.  Such contributions are investments just like others you make, because doing so is planning for the future.  It’s not enough these days to simply monitor the activities of state government and provide our input.  We have to support the elected officials who support us or risk losing our influence in guiding decisions that impact the retail industry.

To make a contribution, send your personal check or complete this credit card authorization form using a personal card, and mail it to OMC, 50 W. Broad St., Ste. 2020, Columbus, OH  43215, or email it to

Thank you for your consideration.