Why you should apply for Safety Grants

If you are an employer wanting to ensure the safety of your workers when carrying out the services they provide to developmentally disabled children and adults, you have a partner in BWC. Our Employers Working with Persons with Developmental Disabilities Grant Program (EWPDD) provides financial assistance to purchase training and/or equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries or illnesses associated with working with developmentally disabled children and adults.

Grant funds

Qualified employers may receive up to $20,000 with a 5-to-1 match for equipment or no match for training for the duration of the EWPDD grant program

Grant eligibility

To be eligible to receive a EWPDD you must:

– Be a state-fund private or public employer taxing district employer.
– Work with children/adults with disabilities. All applicants must provide information in their application that clearly describes the services they provide to this population;
– Have active Ohio workers’ compensation coverage. The employer must maintain continuous active coverage while participating in the program;
– Not have more than 40 days of cumulative lapses in workers’ compensation coverage within the prior 12 months.
– Be current with respect to all payments due BWC as defined in Ohio Administrative Code 4123-17-14;
– Have been in existence for at least two years;
– Have reported payroll for at least one full policy year;
– Timely report actual payroll for the preceding policy year and pay any premium due upon reconciliation of estimated premium and actual premium;
– Safety Intervention Grants (SIG) program participants must be current on receipt documentation and reporting to be eligible to apply for the EWPDD program.

Application process


– Gather information for application.

– Access BWC’s website to download the PDF application.

– Complete application and mail it to BWC.

– BWC reviews grant application.

– BWC approves grant.

– BWC distributes funds.

– Purchase training and/or purchase and install equipment.

– Submit proof of spending.

– Submit one-year case study.

Process notes

BWC will issue grant funds to the employer approximately two to eight weeks after approval of the application. You must make your approved purchase within three months of the date on the grant check. Submit receipt documentation within 120 days to BWC.

Employers may apply for the EWPDD grant even if they have received $40,000 or less in their current SIG program eligibility cycle. Recipients agree to share results of their employers working with persons with developmental disabilities grant benefits. This allows BWC to communicate employers working with persons with developmental disabilities results with other employers and/or research organizations in the form of best practices.

Eligible equipment and training

  • Ceiling lifts
  • Floor-based lifting devices
  • Ambulation devices
  • Bathing and toileting chairs
  • Hi-low tables
  • Non violent de-escalation and/or trauma informed care training and care training certification
  • Multi-sensory environment equipment

Additional information

You can reach BWC’s Division of Safety & Hygiene by: