Retirement Benefits



Enhance Your Retirement Benefits Program by Including Financial Guard

Financial Guard’s cutting edge, online investment advisory solution will help you:

Enhance your company’s fiduciary oversight


Improve the financial well-being of your employees


Instill confidence in your employees’ abilities to manage and monitor their investments


Save you and your employees money along the way!

Financial Guard’s technology works hand-in-hand with your retirement benefits program. As the employer, you are able to offer your employees a complement to their retirement plans, and help your employees.

What is Financial Guard

Financial Guard is a roboadvisor. As consumers and business professionals, we have all seen how industries have rapidly evolved due to the integration of technology – travel, tax preparation, even taxi services. The financial advisory space is no different. Financial Guard is an online financial advisory service that provides its users unbiased, professional and transparent investment information specific to the investments the user holds.

Financial Guard has received accolades from top financial publications


The Council is pleased to provide this great service at a 10% discount from Financial Guard’s corporate pricing.

(That’s a 10% discount from the retail cost.)

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