At this time of year as you are making workers’ comp program decisions, there are factors to consider beyond fees and group savings.  You also want to be absolutely confident that your TPA has a dedicated cost containment team that is focused on minimizing the financial impact of claims to reduce your premium dollars.

Here’s how CareWorksComp does it:

Continuously reviews and monitors all potential claims for handicap and settlement.

Creates an action plan and identifies the best time frame to pursue the cost containment action in an effort to maximize the employer’s return on investment.

Communicates with our customer on our pre- and post-cost containment efforts, and the expected savings as a result.

Provides the most comprehensive cost containment experience for our customers.

We will be sharing more specific information with you about our dynamic cost containment efforts later this fall.  We encourage you to contact your CareworksComp Program Manager, Julia Hall, to see how she can help your organization.  Julia can be reached at: or 937-226-8280