New Council Logo (2-18-16)

Our friends at the Vorys law firm have issued an informational client alert highlighting the success of a recent ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court upholding the minimum wage exemptions currently in Ohio law. The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants (Council) took the lead on submitting an amicus brief in opposition to a lower court ruling that, if upheld, would have required Ohio employers to pay a minimum wage to a wider range of individuals, subjected employers to unnecessary and burdensome record-keeping for such employees, and resulted in a drastic departure from federal and surrounding state law that would have overturned established legal principles that have been in place for decades.

This ruling is a huge success for businesses across the state. The Council will continue to represent your interests in all branches and levels of state government on important issues such as minimum wage. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or comments on this ruling.