Dear Council Member:

Yesterday morning I spoke with Governor DeWine concerning precautionary measures the state is taking in anticipation of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, reaching Ohio.

As you may have heard, the Governor, Columbus Mayor, and state health officials convinced organizers of the Arnold Sports Classic, scheduled to take place this weekend in Columbus, to limit spectator attendance to the finals on Saturday night and to postpone the Arnold Fitness EXPO to a later date.  The Governor is taking this threat very seriously in an effort to limit whatever impact the virus may have in Ohio.  He has asked us to share a COVID-19 fact sheet and website with you to assist with prevention efforts.  I strongly suggest that you read through it and share it widely.

I committed to the Governor that should it become necessary, our members with means to assist with prevention and treatment efforts will be ready to help.  Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone here at Council headquarters if you have questions or if your company is able and willing to assist with prevention/relief efforts.

All the best,

Gordon M. Gough
President & CEO