Employment Law Issues

Alternatives to Laying Off Employees: Benefits Available for Ohio Employees with Reduced Hours  | 4/9/2020

As employers grapple with the economic effects of COVID-19, reductions in hours and furloughs present difficult-but-effective cost reduction strategies.   Read more. 

Visa Status Extensions Without Travel  | 4/8/2020

With international travel coming seemingly to a halt, employers may be concerned about visa status expirations for their employees who typically extend their status through travel or the consulate, including those in E, Blanket L-1, and TN visa status.   Read more.

Immigration Consequences of Salary Reduction, Furloughs and Layoffs   | 4/6/2020

The Department of Labor and the U.S. and Citizenship and Immigration Services have yet to issue any special guidance or relax any statutory or regulatory requirements regarding the treatment of nonimmigrants amid COVID-19 workplace implications.   Read more.

COVID-19 Federal Legislation/Actions

Federal Reserve to the Rescue of Main Street  | 4/10/2020The Federal Reserve has continually promised to use its full range of tools to support the flow of credit to households and businesses to counter the economic impact of COVID-19 and to promote a swift economic recovery.   Read more. 

Private Non-Profit Eligibility for FEMA Public Assistance Funding  | 4/8/2020

Although geared primarily to non-federal governmental entities, the FEMA Public Assistance program also provides funding to eligible private non-profit organizations for “emergency protective measures” to respond to the COVID-19 emergency.   Read more. 

Commercial Landlords And Tenants Unite! CARES Act Forgivable Paycheck Protection Program Loans, EIDL Grants and More  | 4/6/2020

A unique opportunity exists for commercial landlords and tenants to collaboratively communicate to maximize access to—and use of—available forgivable and other attractive, federal loans.    Read more.

COVID-19 State Related Legislation/Actions

Ohio Tax Compliance: The Tax Commissioner Has Not   Extended All Filing Due Dates  | 4/10/2020

In this  State and Local Tax Alert  we outline the tax filing due dates for certain Ohio tax filings over the next 30 days.   Read more. 

Ohio Economic Development Agencies Engaged in COVID-19 Relief Efforts  | 4/8/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted both our health and our economy, and JobsOhio and the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) are helping businesses cope.   Read more.

Other COVID-19 Business Considerations

Update: Changes to IP Operations Worldwide  | 4/8/2020

As part of our dedication to helping our clients stay up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve compiled an updated list of changes to patent, trademark, and copyright operations around the world.   Read more.