You may have heard this good news – BWC is proposing to once again return over $1 billion dollars to private and public employers! If the rebate is approved at the end of the month by the BWC Board of Directors, the rebates will be given in July*.  Here are the highlights:

This is a one-time rebate.

The rebate will be 66% of 2015 policy year premium (premium paid 7/1/15 – 6/30/16).

If an employer has an outstanding balance, the rebate will be applied to the balance first.

An employer must be current with BWC policy requirements.

The reason the BWC is able to give this rebates is because of successful investments. It in no way jeopardizes the care of and benefits for Ohio’s injured workers.

 *(Group Retro participants will receive their rebate after the group retro refund is calculated in October). There will be more specific information to come!