As an Ohio employer participating in the State Fund, if one of your employees is injured in a motor vehicle accident and you can establish that the claim is a result of a non-at-fault incident involving a third party, the BWC may exclude 100% of the claim’s cost from your experience.

With the passage of House Bill 207, any motor vehicle accident occurring on or after July 1, 2017 can apply for this cost relief.   CareWorks Comp has a dedicated Cost Containment team who will assist you in navigating this process and will guide you through securing the necessary information to file a claim under this provision. Our team has assisted Ohio employers in removing over $4 million in claims cost since the passing of HB 207.

Some important facts to remember regarding eligibility are:

You must have active BWC coverage on the date of injury

You must be current on all BWC payments

The third part at-fault driver must have active insurance coverage at the time of the accident or your business must have active uninsured motorist’s insurance coverage

A copy of the police motor vehicle accident report from a law enforcement agency must be secured

A copy of the citation showing that the third party is responsible for the accident

You have 12 months from the date of injury to file the application for relief

If you have an employee that was involved in a motor vehicle accident, please reach out to our office to discuss whether the claim qualifies for the Non-at-fault motor vehicle accident application process.